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The Difference Between Wet and Dry Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpet in your home, even an area rug, then you know you have to keep it clean.  You want your home looking good and smelling fresh and that starts with clean carpets.  You maintain the rest of your home by keeping it clean, sparkling and fresh, but carpets are a bit harder to clean that the kitchen sink.  Vacuuming on a regular basis helps but it doesn’t always get rid of things like stains or pet odors and for that you need professional cleaning.  When it comes to cleaning your carpets you have a choice between steam cleaning or a dry cleaning method.  You’re  probably wondering the difference between wet and dry carpet cleaning and which is better, let’s explore.

Whether you choose to go the DIY route or have a professional carpet cleaning come in to take care of your carpets the goal is the same, a fresh clean carpet.  Although having pros come in is far easier you can still do it yourself if you have to.  Which method will do a better job?  Let’s look at how each one works and then you can decide.

Dry Cleaning Method

There are a couple of different dry cleaning methods and each will require some heavy duty equipment, professional companies will have it already.  The carpet cleaning company will come in and move your furniture out of the way and spray a chemical compound  on your carpet that gets in the fibers and loosens up any dirt.  Then they take their machine which and run it over the carpet that gets the chemical compounds further into the carpet to help lift the dirt.  Next a vacuum is run over the carpet to lift the dirt and chemicals.  This method of cleaning works best on carpets that don’t have a lot of ground in dirt and where the carpet is always dry.  Here is a look at how the dry cleaning method works.

Steam Cleaning Your Carpet

While you can rent steam cleaners at your local supermarket or hardware store to clean your carpets, they simply don’t compare to professional deep steam clean. With the pros the water is going to be heated to around 200 and that turns the water into the steam needed to clean your carpets.  A professional unit will have a vacuum attached to the cleaning tool. One part will shoot out the steam and the vacuum will remove both the water and the dirt from your carpet.  These units are much better than DIY rentals since you won’t need to wait long for your carpets to fully dry.

Which is Better?

Of the two steam will get your carpets cleaner and sanitize better, but dry cleaning is quicker and easier.  Which you choose should really depend on the condition of your carpet, how long it has been since it has been cleaned, the stains, the amount of traffic and whether you hire or try the do it yourself method.…

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Why You Should Have Your Carpets Cleaned Regularly

Carpets are popular flooring options and you will find them in all kinds of homes, they keep your floors feeling warm.  Carpets however, get dirty and even vacuuming regularly isn’t enough to keep them clean, especially if you have a busy family.  Carpets take a lot of wear and tear and if you want to keep them in good condition then they are going to need regular cleaning.  Let’s look at why you should have your carpet cleaned regularly.

No Harsh Chemicals

Many people are under the misconception that getting your carpets cleaned means adding harsh chemicals to your carpet but that isn’t necessary anymore.  Today there are plenty of green cleaners and most companies will use steam to clean your carpets.  Water is heated to more than 200F  and sprayed into your carpets to get rid of the dirt that is trapped in there.  Because the water is under pressure it gets at the dirt and dust mites living in your carpet then they are removed with an industrial strength vacuum.  Steam works on any type of carpet and doesn’t damage the fibers in your carpet either.

Getting Rid of Allergens

Carpet tends to become the home of all of the dust and debris that comes into your home via shoes or through the windows.  All of these particles end up trapped in the fibers of your carpet and vacuuming doesn’t always get rid of them.  When your children or pets are on the carpet they are rolling around in these particles and they can aggravate allergies or asthma.  Getting your carpets cleaned regularly removes the allergens.

Extending the Life of Your Carpet

Those allergens that can make your family ill can also wear down the fibers of your carpet.  Carpets with a lot of traffic, around your couch and in hallways get the most traffic and you can wear out the carpet in those areas if it isn’t kept clean. Stains can also wear out your carpet not to mention looking awful.  Keeping your carpet clean by using Flawless Carpet Cleaning experts saves you from having to replace it too soon and saving you the cost. It’s much better to professionally clean your carpets even once a year vs replace them.

Regular cleaning keeps your home smelling fresh and looking fabulous.  You can maintain your carpets without using harsh chemicals, steam cleaning is eco-friendly and there are green cleaners to help you remove stains.  Commercial carpet cleaners have improved a lot over the years and now your carpet dry incredibly quickly so you don’t have to worry about and mildew or mold settling because of damp carpets.…

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7 DIY Carpet Cleaning Myths

Keeping a carpet clean is difficult enough without having some serious misconceptions making the process even more challenging. 7 Carpet cleaning myths that every DIY carpet cleaner should be aware of include:

1. Cleaning A Carpet Will Make It Get Dirtier Faster

This is a very common misconception and stems from the days when cheap carpet shampoos left a residue that would attract dirt resulting in carpets getting dirty much faster after being cleaned. Using a quality carpet cleaning solution will however not attract dirt and will in fact keep it clean for longer. Encapsulation detergents are designed to form a capsule around dirt particles so that they don’t become trapped in the carpet fibers. These detergents can continue working long after the carpet has been cleaned and dried meaning that dirt is more effectively removed every time you vacuum.

2. Effective Natural Remedies

There are many natural home remedies that claim to effectively clean and remove stains. The most popular of these is vinegar. However, studies have shown that vinegar is the least effective of all natural or chemical detergents tested to clean carpets. If you really don’t want to use any chemical detergents on your carpet, opt for steam cleaning which is very effective at removing dirt and stains. Alternatively, use a bio-enzyme detergent that has been specifically designed for carpets to break-down biological matter. These types of detergents are normally chemical-free and environmentally friendly.

3. Regular Vacuuming Is Bad

Vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis will not destroy the fibers and lead to faster wear and tear. Neither will it force dirt into the fibers resulting in stubborn dirt and stains. The opposite is in fact true and vacuuming regularly will remove loose dirt and particles from the carpet preventing them from being trampled into the pile. It is recommended to vacuum at least once a week and more often for busy households or in high traffic areas. Vacuuming should be performed as often as necessary.

4. A Carpet That Looks Clean Is Clean

Just because your carpets are not showing dirt or stains does not necessarily mean that they are clean. Microorganisms like bacteria, dust mites and even mold could be hiding in your carpet making it an unhygienic health hazard. Darker shades or colors may also help hide dirt from view. New carpets may also be hiding a dirty secret and are in fact designed to reduce the appearance of dirt and stains. It is recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year whether stains are visible or not.

5. A Carpet Needs To Be Soaked To Be Cleaned

Water can be very damaging to your carpets causing it to stretch or shrink depending on the type of material it is made from. Even cold water can fade colors or cause dyes to run. Water should never be poured onto stains as this can cause these to spread or run deeper into the fibers of the carpet. It is always recommended to dab stains with a damp cloth rather than use water. Carpet cleaning techniques that reduce the amount of water used on the carpet or extract excess water from the carpet are recommended. It is also important to note that the faster a carpet dries, the better. Carpets that stay wet after cleaning for an extended period of time are more likely to get damaged and could result in unseen mold growth.

6. Household Detergents Will Clean Your Carpet

Each type of household detergent is designed to do a specific job and is not suitable for cleaning your carpet. For example, dish washing detergent may be recommended to remove grease or oil stains from a carpet as it is designed to break down these types of materials. Bleach will effectively remove stains but will also remove the dye and damage the fibers of your carpet. Ammonia is abrasive and will damage the carpet fibers or release dangerous fumes.

7. DIY Carpet Cleaning Is As Good As Professional Cleaning

There simply is not substitute or having your carpets cleaned professionally. The detergents, equipment and expertise from expert carpet cleaners cannot compare to DIY solutions and will get rid of dirty carpet stains as well as dirt that is trapped deep beneath the pile. Rest assured that your carpets are hygienic and free of dust mites and other harmful microorganisms after a deep clean by the professionals in the industry. Their knowledge is also indispensable when it comes to preventing damage from occurring to your carpets. It is highly recommended to only use professional carpet cleaning services if you have invested in quality, expensive carpets such as silk or wool. Always make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and care of your carpets if you are going to go the DIY route.…

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