Why You Should Have Your Carpets Cleaned Regularly

Carpets are popular flooring options and you will find them in all kinds of homes, they keep your floors feeling warm.  Carpets however, get dirty and even vacuuming regularly isn’t enough to keep them clean, especially if you have a busy family.  Carpets take a lot of wear and tear and if you want to keep them in good condition then they are going to need regular cleaning.  Let’s look at why you should have your carpet cleaned regularly.

No Harsh Chemicals

Many people are under the misconception that getting your carpets cleaned means adding harsh chemicals to your carpet but that isn’t necessary anymore.  Today there are plenty of green cleaners and most companies will use steam to clean your carpets.  Water is heated to more than 200F  and sprayed into your carpets to get rid of the dirt that is trapped in there.  Because the water is under pressure it gets at the dirt and dust mites living in your carpet then they are removed with an industrial strength vacuum.  Steam works on any type of carpet and doesn’t damage the fibers in your carpet either.

Getting Rid of Allergens

Carpet tends to become the home of all of the dust and debris that comes into your home via shoes or through the windows.  All of these particles end up trapped in the fibers of your carpet and vacuuming doesn’t always get rid of them.  When your children or pets are on the carpet they are rolling around in these particles and they can aggravate allergies or asthma.  Getting your carpets cleaned regularly removes the allergens.

Extending the Life of Your Carpet

Those allergens that can make your family ill can also wear down the fibers of your carpet.  Carpets with a lot of traffic, around your couch and in hallways get the most traffic and you can wear out the carpet in those areas if it isn’t kept clean. Stains can also wear out your carpet not to mention looking awful.  Keeping your carpet clean by using Flawless Carpet Cleaning experts saves you from having to replace it too soon and saving you the cost. It’s much better to professionally clean your carpets even once a year vs replace them.

Regular cleaning keeps your home smelling fresh and looking fabulous.  You can maintain your carpets without using harsh chemicals, steam cleaning is eco-friendly and there are green cleaners to help you remove stains.  Commercial carpet cleaners have improved a lot over the years and now your carpet dry incredibly quickly so you don’t have to worry about and mildew or mold settling because of damp carpets.

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